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Welcome to Blinx  - Eyecatching eyewear accessories for children

Welcome to Blinx - a brand new eyewear accessory range for children who wear glasses.  Blinx allow children to customise and accessorise their spectacle frames.  Easy to slip on and off, Blinx can be mixed and matched, swapped and changed to suit your mood or clothing.  All Blinx also fit our Blinx Bands -  soft adjustable bracelets that can be accessorised with Blinx to match your glasses.  At just £2.49 per charm, Blinx offer a cost effective way of creating a new look...as often as you like! Click here to browse our store.

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Set the trend! Blinx Eyewear Charms - a colourful collection of original charms

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Fashionable and affordable - all single Blinx are just £2.49

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