What are Blinx?

Blinx are collectable soft rubber charms, primarily for use on the arms of spectacles.  Blinx simply slide on and off children's glasses, allowing you to change the colour and style of your glasses as often as you wish!

Please note that Blinx are NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 36 MONTHS due to choking hazard.  This product is not a toy.  Children should be supervised with Blinx that are not fitted to their spectacle frames.

Do Blinx fit all children's glasses?

Blinx fit approximately 85% of children's glasses simply by sliding the charm on/off the frame.  A small rubber band (provided) allows Blinx to fit an even broader variety of frames.  The insertion area measures 8mm by 2mm, enabling Blinx to fit arms of these measurements or less.  Even if the arm is very slim, as is often the case with metal frames, the silicon grips to the arm and also to itself, keeping the charm in place.  The photograph below shows a very small pair of children's frames, just 11.5cm wide, with slim arms.  The charm fits such glasses without movement.

Please be aware that depth also plays a factor though - if the arm is very slim and also very flat, the charm will fit, but may not grip and wobble on the frame.  Glasses in this category often have a broader hinge area though, such as the hinge shown on the photograph below. If your frames are too thin and flat to hold Blinx along the arm, you may find that they fit securely over the thicker hinge area.


If the arm of the glasses is 7/8mm and also very deep, you may find that the charm will only slide part way along the arm, as shown in the photograph below, unless the rubber band provided is used in conjunction with the charm.

Please also be aware that children's glasses also sometimes feature unusual shapes at the ear end of the arm, such as the spectacles shown below.  In order to slide the Blinx onto the arm of your glasses without the use of the supplementary rubber band, such endcaps must also measure 8mm or less.



Blinx are supplied with a small rubber band that can be used to allow the charms to be displayed on arms deeper than 8mm, or those where a bulbous end cap doesn't allow the charm to slide on/off as intended.

Will Blinx fit adult glasses?

Blinx do fit a number of adult frames where the width of the arms measures 8mm or less, or deeper arms if used with the rubber band provided.

Will Blinx fit sunglasses?

The majority of sunglass designs for children have arms much deeper than 8mm.  Again, Blinx do fit a number of sunglass frames where the width of the arms measures 8mm or less, or they can fit deeper frames using the supplementary band provided with the charm. Watch out for our range of sunglasses launching later in the year - these are guaranteed to fit all Blinx!

Blinx are too small for the arms on my glasses - why are larger Blinx not available?

Our store today stocks the initial range of Blinx, which have been sized to fit the majority of young children's spectacle frames.  Blinx offering a larger insertion area would also need to be larger at the front.  Our initial research found that customers felt that the larger charms were cumbersome and therefore less attractive.  We shall never the less continue to explore creating a Blinx range suitable for larger frames and sunglasses later in the year.

How do I attach Blinx to my child's glasses?

Blinx simply slide onto the arm of the spectacle frame.  Please ensure that the arm is held firm when sliding Blinx on or off, to avoid damaging the arm.

Will Blinx cause damage to spectacle frames?

Blinx charms will not cause damage to your spectacle frames, however, reasonable care must be taken when sliding the charms on/off to ensure that you do not bend, distort or loosen the arm on your glasses.  This is especially true for wider arms where the charm fits more tightly.  Please ensure that the arm is held when sliding Blinx on/off, rather than the front of the frame.

Where can I buy Blinx?

Blinx are stocked in over 70 optical outlets nationwide.  Alternatively, click on 'Shop' on the main navigation bar at the top of the page.  The RRP for all Blinx products is £1.99 (per charm). The majority of our stockists sell Blinx charms at this price.  The current on-line price for Blinx is £2.49.

What is your returns policy?

If your Blinx is damaged, please contact us at contact@myblinx.co.uk to arrange for a free replacement Blinx to be dispatched to you.  If you wish to return your Blinx for any other reason, we are happy to refund that purchase price of the Blinx, but the customer must cover the postal charges.

How can I pay?  When I try to pay I am taken to the Paypal website but I do not have a Paypal account.

You do not need a Paypal account to pay for your purchase, but all payments are taken through the secure Paypal payment facility.  If you do not have a Paypal account, or do not wish to use your Paypal account for your Blinx purchase, simply click on the guest payment link to pay using your debit/credit card.  You do not need to register wth Paypal to use this service.